COVID-19 Resources

The following resources are provided to keep you and your business informed and protected during the COVID-19 crisis. To stay updated on developments as they occur, be sure that you’re subscribed to our HBAA email updates. If you’re not already getting them, email and ask to be added to our mail list.


Essential Worker Status

Residential construction has been deemed an essential business in Alabama and not subject to shelter in place orders. The HBAA has prepared a letter and wallet card stating that you are working on or working in support of residential construction and are therefore considered an essential worker and exempt from any shelter in place orders. You may customize the letter and put it on your company letterhead; we suggest keeping a copy of it in your vehicle in the event that you are stopped by law enforcement on your way to a job site. You may also customize, copy and (if desired) laminate the card to carry in your wallet for easy access.

Download Essential Worker letter template
Download Essential Worker card


Jobsite Safety

The HBAA and our local Home Builders Associations have worked diligently to ensure that construction remains an essential business in Alabama. In order to maintain this designation, you must do your part in ensuring your job sites are following all guidelines set forth by the CDC and other agencies with regard to COVID-19. That includes social distancing, limiting persons on the job site to 10 or less, providing alcohol-based hand sanitizers and/or handwashing stations, and other steps set forth in these guidelines.

We have prepared job site safety signage in English and Spanish to help your workforce do their part to limit the spread of COVID-19. Feel free to download and display it on your job site.

Download job site safety sign

The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) has also created a page of job site safety and recordkeeping guidance for Coronavirus.


Business Resources

Carr, Riggs & Ingram is offering a series of “Quick Hit” webinars that cover a range of business-related COVID-19 topics and offer interactive Q&A sessions.

View the schedule of upcoming webinars, as well as a host of other business information, here.

Paycheck Protection Program Application Form

Paycheck Protection Program Info Sheet

Paycheck Protection Program calculator

Alabama Bankers Association Guide to Payroll Protection Loans

U.S. Treasury Assistance for Small Businesses

Small Business Owner’s Guide to the CARES (Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security) Act

Frequently Asked Questions about Small Business Loans


COVID-19 and Sales Contract Sample Language

The Sales and Renovation Contracts sample language that the HBAA provides exclusively to members at no cost automatically provides for an extension of the Closing Date or Completion Date due to a work stoppage, delays in delivery of materials, delays in approval of loans or any other matters as determined by the Seller/Contractor which might delay closing or completion of the dwelling. This means that the contract should cover the delay because of the coronavirus.  If the Closing or Completion date changes, however, then ten (10) days’ notice of the new date should be provided to the Buyer/Owner, so a written notice of the new Closing or Completion Date should be sent to the Buyer/Owner.

Likewise, Section 2 of the Sales Contract contains a date which would have been completed by the Seller in the contract for the Additional Earnest Money to be paid by the Buyer and Section 2 of the Renovation Contract contains a date which would have been inserted in the contract for completion of the dwelling. These dates will need to be modified or amended if they are impacted by the delay which can either be modified or amended by both parties initialing the change or a separate Amendment to the Contract.

If the parties desire to enter into a separate amendment to the contract, the Amendment should provide the parties agree the dates are modified, extended and amended to the new dates solely as a result of delays caused by the coronavirus epidemic and we also suggest adding the following language: “To the extent any other dates or timeframes under the Agreement shall be based on or predicated on the dates extended or modified by this Amendment, such other dates shall be deemed to be extended hereby. All other non-conflicting terms of the Agreement remain in full force and effect and Seller/Contractor and Buyer/Owner hereby ratify and affirm the Agreement as amended hereby.”


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