Train To Be A Alabama Qualified Credentialed Inspector

Since 1999, the HBAA has been the leader in providing QCI (Qualified Credentialed Inspector) training in Alabama. The course provides tools and strategies to help achieve and maintain compliance with the Alabama Department of Environmental Management (ADEM) stormwater general permit that must be on all construction sites. 

Certification will give you the opportunity to do most of the comprehensive inspections required by the general permit, rather than hire engineers or consultants to do them. As a result, you can expect to save thousands of dollars over the year.  You will also have a better understanding of compliance on a daily basis.

Engineers with TTL, professionals in the area of erosion and sediment control who are ADEM-approved, will teach this course. We provide QCI training to organizations such as the Alabama Department of Transportation, Alabama Power, Spire (Alabama Gas Corporation), Tennessee Valley Authority, Birmingham Water Works, various municipalities and counties across Alabama, and many others.

After you take the initial course and become certified, you must take continuing education classes each year to maintain your certification. If you allow your certification to expire, you must take the initial course again.

Check your QCI Expiration Date (PDF) as of 08/16/2023

To renew your QCI certification online click here.

Check out the HBAA calendar for a course near you and register online.

Initial QCI Stormwater Training Classroom Course registration form

Continuing Education QCI Classroom registration form

Why become a Qualified Credentialed Inspector?

  • A better understanding of the ADEM general NPDES permit program and local programs to help achieve and maintain compliance.
  • Understand the importance of the Construction Best Management Practices plan & recognize proper BMP installations.
  • Perform self-inspections, recognize BMP problems, and coordinate timely maintenance as required by the general permit.
  • Be able to log and keep records and improve communications with the operator – reduce compliance liability.
  • Avoid or reduce the risk of successful citizen lawsuits.
  • Recognize the need to address environmental issues early in the project planning & throughout the construction period.

Contact Louise Brown for more information about the QCI program at (800) 745-4222.